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About The Day We Fought Space:

In The Day We Fought Space, a wreck ‘em up with spiraling chain reactions, fight your way through enemy territory while reclaiming earth. Strategize, explore, and respond to the environment and enemies around you as you aim to destroy everything in sight. In a game more about reaction than rehearsal, improve your skills as enemies and weapons consistently evolve in the procedurally generated world. Use physics to your advantage, creating dynamic chain reactions to throw your enemy off their game, as you adapt quickly to minimize damage and maximize opportunities.

Upgrade and personalize your ship to best suit the mission at hand, while tapping into new weapons that impact your ability to take your enemy down. In this third-person sidescroller, feel the visceral satisfaction of dominating your enemy as you feel the adrenaline-pumping thrill of embarking on a new expedition and reclaiming the world.   

Behind Space: A Wreck ‘Em Up Emerges

As fans of shoot ‘ems, the team wanted to make something with a similar spirit but that stepped out of the traditional norms and expectations of the genre. To accomplish this, they sought out to make a game grounded in needing to adapt, react, and be flexible to the changing environment around you instead of relying on learned patterns and rehearsal. To drive this home and make the game feel fresh, the team shook things up by utilizing physics in way that creates spiraling chain reactions of debris that players either need to avoid or use to destroy their enemy.

By creating a wreck ‘em up on mobile, the team felt that the visceral nature of being able to utilize your fingers to control your actions would provide ultimate satisfaction. They created an innovative two-handed touch scheme for extreme precision, which also cultivates further in-game immersion. Further, the team wanted to utilize a bright and textured futuristic art style and gritty soundtrack to make the world feel organic, tension-filled, and alive.


  • Dozens of weapons to customize your spaceship, ranging from zany pinball launchers to wrecking balls.

  • Fight enemies on four diverse worlds, each presenting their own environmental  challenges

  • Highly tactile two-handed control scheme designed for  multi-touch interface, perfect for targeting enemies with pinpoint precision.

  • Viscerally satisfying, physics-powered combat experience

  • Spiraling chain reactions keep players looking for opportunities to maximize destruction

  • Procedurally-generated missions challenge the player to react and adapt

  • Retro-futuristic artwork style pays homage to the golden age of sci-fi comics and pulp novels.

  • Diverse cast of characters tells the story of the human race reclaiming its home star system from alien colonists

  • Gritty, fast-paced soundtrack by Venus in Furs


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“As you can see, these are not the typical types of offensive weaponry you’re accustomed to seeing in a shooter. I love all the inventive ideas that have gone into the weapons and I’m also really digging the vibrant look of the visuals.” — Touch Arcade

“With some clever controls, and procedurally generated enemy patterns, this side scrolling shooter from Tursiops Truncatus Studios will have you hooked with non-stop action!” — The Geekly Grind

“[The Day We Fought Space] puts engagement first and utilizes retro-futurism in such a great way that it almost feels like a motion comic.” — But Why Tho?


About Tursiops Truncatus Studios

Tursiops Truncatus Studios is a small team spread across the U.S. Midwest and Northeast that was raised on a steady diet of video games.  We have a passion for exploring the nooks and crannies of the medium and building new experiences upon curious intersections between established genres and themes.



Design & Programming
Catherine Kimport

Susan Schaffer